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Hollywood's Top Realtors: Meet The $3 Billion Agent

Hilton & Hyland's Branden Williams, one of Mills' main competitors and also a close friend, says that she is among the most competitive brokers visit this site he's encountered. "She's hard-core. She can get people to trust her and she assures them that she can close this deal." He remembers when Mills convinced a buyer who wanted to add an additional 90 days to escrow -- a request that would kill many deals -- to wire the seller an advance of $750,000 as a gesture of good faith. She closed the deal. Her first husband, whom she married after dropping out of University of California, Berkeley, to tour the country with his rock band, left her alone in their San Fernando Valley home when their daughter turned 3 months old. She considered moving back in with her parents but learned she'd be subjected to the same rules she had as a teenager and they wouldn't be eager babysitters. "I'm so glad my mother said that -- it gave me the drive to be successful," says Mills. After being encouraged Kardashian by the real estate agent she had hired to sell her Sherman Oaks home, she got her real estate license. Her first sale was a $42,000 home in Van Nuys.
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywoods-top-realtors-meet-3-736248

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