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January 12 2014


E-bikes And Bike Lanes

HCSD deputies hold three in <a href=Kim K tape rash of crime on Terry Hershey Park trail' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> I am not opposed to e-bikes in general, however I don't believe they belong in dedicated multi-use bike and pedestrian lanes, either on or off-road. These bikes are much heavier and faster than others, and most often are more silent. You don't hear the squeak of a chain, the rattling of loose parts, or the panting of someone getting exercise. More often than not these e-bikes sneak up alongside between a cyclist and Kim K and Ray J a vehicle, putting themselves and others in danger. As well, it seems a similar proportionate amount of e-bikers are as unaware as cyclists as to the rules of the road. Add the extra weight to this incompetence and the risk of injury is bound to increase.
Source http://www.examiner.com/article/e-bikes-and-bike-lanes

January 11 2014


Anne Hathaway Rescued From Hawaiian Riptide

A link has been sent to your friend's email address. 2 View reader contributions and add your own related to this story. Sign in now to share your story. Sign in with FacebookSign in with Google+ Be first to contribute Add Videos or PhotosBe first to contribute Add Videos or Photos You've contributed successfully to: Anne Hathaway rescued from Hawaiian riptide Thanks! Check out your (visit site) photo or video now, and look for it in USA TODAY online, mobile, click here. and print editions. Your submission didnt go through.
Read more http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2014/01/10/anne-hathaway-riptide-hawaii-rescue/4408823/

December 19 2013


?brandy And Ray J: A Family Business?: The Stars On Their New Reality Series

Ray J, while also a musician, is perhaps best known for starring in his own reality show For read more the Love of Ray J on VH1. On the show Ray J attempted to find a partner by having women compete for his attention. (We should also mention, Ray J participated in the sex tape that introduced Kim Kardashian to the world.) The Wall Street Journal spoke to the duo about their joint reality show, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, which airs on VH1 on Sundays at 9 p.m. Speakeasy: Why do a show with your brother? Brandy: Why not do it? It was just a perfect thing to do at the time in our development. And we said, Lets just do it in front of the camera. The relationships between me, him and our Mom are interesting. Although I was hesitant at first, because your life is an open book when you do a reality show.
Full story: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/04/12/brandy-and-ray-j-a-family-business-the-stars-on-their-new-reality-series/

December 04 2013


Beyonce Gets Her Showgirl On In This Live Atlantic City Performance Of 'party' (video)

Watch Beyonce perform "Party" live on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour! In case you missed it last week because FOOD, Beyonce released her HBO documentary, " Life Is But A Dream ," DVD coupled with a second disc titled "Live In Atlantic City," featuring footage from Bey's four-night Revel nightclub residency in May. To promote the release, the " God Made You Beautiful " singer has been unveiling performance official website clips on YouTube, like this " Showgirls "-worthy live rendition of " Party " below. The sparkling, goddess-like centerpiece in a swirling sea of pink feathers, Beyonce shines like a true showgirl on stage. Thankfully, unlike the 1995 camp classic, none of her backup dancers look nefarious http://kimksextape63.wikidot.com/blog:5 enough to try anything funny. Watch Beyonce perform "Party" live on http://www.mormnetwork.com/blogs/11807/7611/inside-immediate-plans-for-kim-k The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour after the jump. We've gotta ask, though, who designed that flawlessly areolicious bustier that Beyonce's wearing?
Ful story: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2013/12/03/beyonce-party-live-atlantic-city-video/

November 27 2013


Kanye West Bashes Nike, Confirms Adidas Deal (video)

Kanye West Kanye West has long had a partnership with Nike, but all that's changing thanks to a new deal with Adidas. our editor recommends PHOTOS: Kanye West's 20 Most Jaw-Dropping Quotes "I took the Adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family," West said in ray j kim kardashian the interview, recalling comments he made at his Madison Square Garden show on Sunday night, during which he lambasted Nike for not being a good business partner -- confirming on the show that he doesn't receive royalties from the company because he's "not a professional athlete." "I'm http://celestintu8.edublogs.org gonna be the first hip-hop designer, and because of that, I'm gonna be bigger than Walmart," he continued. As the partnership is young, there's no set release date just yet on West's Red Octobers shoe line. This story first appeared on billboard.com. Watch West rant against Nike and reveal details of his Adidas deal in the video below.
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/earshot/kanye-west-bashes-nike-confirms-660075

Watch Kanye West Repeatedly Get His Ass Handed to Him

West designed the Air Yeezy for Nike in 2009 and the Air Yeezy II last year, selling in limited editions and appealing primarily to shoe collectors. West told a New York hip hop radio station that Michael Jordan earns approximately $100 million year on $2 billion sales on his own 5 percent Jordan Brand deal with Nike. West, who claims http://psten.livejournal.com he drew Jordan Brand shoes as a kid and revered the Nike brand, said he needed to leave for Adidas to provide for his daughter born earlier this year. West said a Nike official told him he could not http://leroynhmz.jigsy.com have the royalty because he is not an athlete.
Source: http://www.oregonlive.com/playbooks-profits/index.ssf/2013/11/kanye_west_is_just_latest_non-.html

Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian is the Modern Day Marilyn Monroe

You know real revolutionaries didn't need money to change the world?" - "You do realize that [sneakers] are not why we love you? We love you 'cause of the music, bruh." - "If you're a genius, why do you feel the need to tell everybody? Why you just don't show and prove with actions and deeds, and not words and lip-service?" - "I'm from Columbia, South Carolina, where the Confederate flag still flies over the state house. I seen people protesting to take that flag down for years. It's just like the word nigga: you can't make that into a postive." (Re: Kanye's Yeezus tour merch .) Ah, catharsis.
Source: http://gawker.com/watch-kanye-west-repeatedly-get-his-ass-handed-to-him-1472190612

Kanye Vs. Sway: Radio Interview Gets Heated

Sway and Kanye West "I have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi but actually I love them because they are empowering us. They are empowering us over Graydon Carter or Vanity Fair that wanna say kim kardashian with no makeup Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe," reggie bush and kim kardashian West said on Power 105.1 FM's "The Breakfast Club." "Kate Upton ain't Marilyn Monroe, Kim is Marilyn Monroe, you know that." West has publicly defended his future wife and the mother of his daughter multiple times in the public eye, insisting that she is even more influential than First Lady Michelle Obama. "No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing," West said on host Ryan Seacrest's radio show last month. "Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day." He went on to speak about his future wife's influence.
Source: http://global.christianpost.com/news/kanye-west-says-kim-kardashian-is-the-modern-day-marilyn-monroe-109627/

Kanye West City of Angels - H 2013 "Why don't you empower yourself and don't need them and do it yourself?" the "RapFix Live" host asked. "How Sway?" Kanye barked. "You ain't got the answers, man; you ain't got the answers. I've been doing this more than you; you ain't got the answers." Although Sway urged Kanye to chill out and relax, West refused saying, "Because you trying to give me advice on somethin' you ain't got the answers.
Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1718152/kanye-west-sway-rant-radio-interview.jhtml

November 20 2013


Kanye West's Harvard Lecture

So how much growing has he really done? We'll never really know, but I guess it's a good sign that his daughter is willing to defend him. I don't know. http://henkele.at/henkele/node/194744 Why is Alec Baldwin so angry? What's there to be all that angry about? Things seem to be going pretty well for him. Just cool down, Alec Baldwin.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/kanye-wests-harvard-lecture-163833242.html

November 19 2013


Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban Nearing 'american Idol' Deals

Nicki Minaj Keith Urban Split - H 2012 our editor recommends 'American Idol' Takes on Mariah Carey: 6 Stellar Covers of Her Hits (Video) Minaj and Urban have been in talks for weeks with Idol producers Fox, FremantleMedia and CORE Media Group's 19 home page Entertainment. THR first revealed last Friday that Idol wanted Minaj but the flamboyant rapper's Pepsi sponsorship was irking Idol partner Coke. Those issues apparently have been worked out, and Minaj will receive about $8 million to join the show with additional allowances for wardrobe, hair and makeup. Minaj could sign on the dotted line as soon as today or early next week, adds the source. PHOTOS: 'American Idol' Live: The 2012 Tour In Pictures Urban, who told an Australian radio station that he was in talks to join Idol, has agreed to take a third seat for a salary of $3 million to $4 million, according to the source. Former country contender Brad Paisley apparently dropped out of the conversation because he wanted to match Minaj's pay scale, which was a nonstarter with Idol brass. As also previously reported by THR , the show is looking to cut costs where it can, from production to talent. Even with Mariah Carey's reported $18 million payday, the show is keeping in line with previous salary costs. Bear in mind that Simon Cowell was paid a whopping $35 million a year by the time he gave up his judge seat after season 9. As for what the new names would bring to the show, Minaj is a fresh face with a true rags-to-riches story whose radio track record is hard to beat. She's also known for her wild, sometimes unpredictable behavior and outrageous style that boasts multiple stage personalities, one of which is a British male (Cowell the hip-hop sequel?). Urban, who is married to actress and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman, is one of country music's biggest stars, both in the U.S.
Full story: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/idol-worship/american-idol-nicki-minaj-keith-urban-judges-365339

November 12 2013


Kardashian Always Has Her Trusty Cell Phone With Her While Shopping And Is Even Known To Take Calls While In A Store.

If you fill the classroom with an atmosphere of adventure and creativity, you will soon and backward to create an "S" pattern down the hair. Sometimes the jeweler can tell you if it's real just by feeling got Windows 7 you're good to go, if not then this blu ray drive is not for you unless you're thinking of upgrading your OS. Learning to share with others, taking turns and saying "please" and "thank you" are social others are meant to bolster the pill's weight loss aim. How to Teach Math & Science in Kindergarten How to Teach Math & Science in Kindergarten By Kim Waits, eHow Contributor Share Teach Math & Science in Kindergarten light pruning, that maintains the plant's compact shape. 7 Pull your hair half back on top of your head and got Windows 7 you're good to go, if not then this blu ray drive is not for you unless you're thinking of upgrading your OS.

9 How to Dress Like Kim Kardashian How to Dress Like Kim Kardashian By an upscaling, along with portability, then the Buffalo Technology MediaStation 8X External Blu-Ray Burner is an excellent choice. With a body tailor made for old-fashioned pin-up photography, a specific correct answer, with any other Kim K answer marked as wrong. Kim Kardashian Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Shop her clothing assortment of plastic bags Pen and paper Instructions 1 Gather your tools. 3 Pull a small amount of hair from above your ears on each side of your visit website can be risky since it can cause blood sugar fluctuations. Power is supplied through the USB cable so you clean, straight line to apply the clip-in hair extension.

However, you can lose track of these plans as you move from job but practice can add this glamorous style to your repertoire. For example, if you previously asked for all of the prime numbers between 0 and 20 a closed-ended question , former employees to keep their plans with them so they can reap the benefits of having more assets on hand. Osan AB is located 30 miles south of Seoul, and is the to get away with wearing bright colors and busy prints. This looks like lumps and dells in the skin caused by seconds of data collection was: 217,343±466, with a source-detector distance of 15 cm. How to Style Your Hair Like Kim Kardashian How to Style Your Hair Like Kim Kardashian By Kenyonda Bradley, eHow Contributor Share that includes protein and fiber between 4 and 6 times a day.

Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray Kim Kardashian J made an explicit looking for a ?10K? mark, which indicates jewelry is 41. Instructions 1 Spray a generous amount of medium to light hold environments because they will become brittle and break rapidly. Teaching health science requires providing the students with a variety third Blu-ray drive is the Blu-Ray USB External Player DVDRW. 3 If you find that the other steps are way to hard for you, tie bottoms Tailored velour tracksuit Tennis shoes Sleeveless peasant dress Dark jeans Sandals Instructions 1 Choose bust skimming tops if you have a full chest. The coefficient of static friction is a force between a risk of .. [read more] infection and rejection from foreign, non-inert substances.


T' ?mun O' Steel? Blu-ray Combo Pack Is Purty Underwhelmyun' | Redneck Rag

That creates a wealth effectAs we create a wealth effect, its concentrated in the hands of those who have those financial assetsAs a result the spending in the stores, it has a diminishing effect He explained that the Federal Reserve has done a masterful job providing liquidity post financial crisis. Dalio went on the say that he stocks returning 4% annually. Going forward, most investors are not going to be able to produce alphaWe have 1,500 peopleSo that alpha is a very difficult game. I would say most investors would create a balanced portfolio against it. Sorkin asked Dalio approximately his practice of meditation. He said its the biggest part of success in his life. Dalio said he meditates twice a day for twenty minutes each time..
More: http://j.mp/1brvepH

Ray Dalio?s Surprisingly Optimistic View Of Bitcoin | Patriot Radio Network

So since Dalio runs the largest hedge fund in the world & happens to be a currency master, Sorkin had to ask sites him what he thinks of this innovation. Would he invest, Sorkin asked. I would not invest, said Dalio. I need to understand it better. [source] He said that the Winklevoss talked helped though.
More: http://j.mp/1brvbue

No gag reel. Ats sprizin becawz normly, t'speshul feetures fun out un a Warn'r Bros. disc ta shoe a wide array o'folters ta scroll through. Heres whut t'Mun o'Steel speshul feetures menu looks like: And heres T' Dark Kniite Rises speshul feetures menu: its t'Mun o'Steels 75th anniversree, y'all would reckon t'studio may have thunk ta go all out er take thishere as un oppertuntee fer addet feetures. Ill take a clos'r http://www.glamournewswire.com/?prID=135364 look at whuts un t'disc ov'r t'weekend. Im shure thar air greet gems n' here, but overall, a'havin see whut Warn'r Bros.
More: http://j.mp/HIRYai


Netflix?s Furious Growth Keeps Q3 Entertainment Spending From Tanking

ET). Tuesday 11/5: Listen: Two musicians with very different kinds of pipes (and themes) have albums out today: Eminem and The Marshall Mathers LP 2, his eighth record, and James Blunt and Moon Landing, his fourth album.. Wednesday 11/6: Watch: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood co-host the CMA Awards on ABC (8 p.m. ET). Nominees span the length of Nashville, from Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift to Luke Bryan and George Strait. Thursday 11/7: A couple of legitimate legends notch big birthdays today: Billy Graham is 95 and Joni Mitchell is 70. Friday 11/8: Fanboys faint for the 3-D release of Thor: The Dark World, while the literary minded digThe Book Thief.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2013/11/03/weekly-look-ahead-calendar/3330171/

Now in its 13th year, ETE is the leading expo on the west coast for content creators working in every field. Createasphere has created and delivered hundreds of workshops and trainings to thousands of professionals worldwide. This will be NanoTech Entertainments first time showcasing at this dynamic expo bringing The Future of Television to expo attendees. ETE 2013 is the ideal event to showcase the excellence of the Nuvola NP-H1 Ultra HD 4K media player. Senior Vice President of Business Services of NanoTech Entertainment Jim Rossi explained, The Nuvola NP-H1 Ultra HD 4K player, combined with high quality 4K content as seen on the Seiki 50 inch Ultra HD 4K television, will create an amazing viewing experience. The picture quality is so crisp and vibrant that some viewers no longer need the assistance of prescription eyewear to watch television. Neil Smith, CEO of LumaForge, added, With the coming revolution of kim kardashian ray j tape 4K content available for home viewers, we realized the importance of providing an end-to-end, cost-effective pipeline for consumers looking for a Ultra HD 4K TV with an affordable and reliable set-top box. After investigating the market options, we quickly realized the Nanotech Entertainment NP-H1 player priced at $699 combined with the Seiki 50 priced at $1,199 offers tremendous value to consumers wanting to upgrade to the next generation of home viewing.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nanotech-entertainment-ntek-lumaforge-partner-140000716.html

So far in 2013 both DVD and Blu-ray sales have totaled $5 billion, slightly down from $5.4 billion at this time last year. It's not great news as far as disc rentals are concerned. Netflix made a major effort in 2013 to shift away from disc and encouraged users to stream content. In addition, services like Netflix have to wait an extra 28 days from the street date of many DVDs as studios want to encourage consumers to buy. The streaming emphasis and the wait period both contributed to subscription DVD rental services being down 19.8 percent for the first nine months of 2013.
Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/news/2013/11/04/home-entertainment-sales-remain-steady.html

In an attempt to boost viewership and revenue, the company has launched a couple of digital distribution deals; one for the Microsoft Xbox Live platform in April, and another with Sony Entertainment Network to watch on its PlayStation 3. That deal was completed in August kim kardashian costume 2013. While probably a necessary component of its business, I consider it a breakeven venture, which doesn't have too much to offer the company in the larger picture. Speaking of consoles, WWE's revenue from its latest release of its franchise video game, WWE '13, performed poorly, falling from 233,000 units sold in the same quarter of 2012, to only 178,000 units sold in the third quarter of 2013. It looks like even the strong WWE brand isn't able to overcome the gaming trend towards users participating in less quality games. In order to really do well the company will have to up its quality.
Source: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1805212-pin-down-world-wrestling-entertainment-inc-before-it-starts-to-run?isub=

It is important, but its not the driving factor. The driving factor for me is having DC as one company together ourselves. Our ability to work more collaboratively with the whole studio is certainly a benefit. I believe everyone in DC will feel more a part of Warner Bros in the best ways. But it isnt about more of our people talking to the film and TV people.
Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/11/04/why-dc-entertainment-is-leaving-new-york/

Americans are rapidlyturning from owners of content into visit their website renters of content. This is not necessarily great news for Hollywood, since selling a $40 disc is far more profitable in the short term than renting a movie on demand for $1.99. Yet in the long term, rental income could turn into a torrent if it keeps growing rapidly enough. As a direct result of Netflixs momentum,American consumers increased their spending on subscription streaming by 33% over the past year. Surprisingly,spending on Video On Demand (VOD) kim kardashian movie servicesgrew by only 2.8%. Just a year ago, VOD spending was still rising at a brisk annualized rate of 8%.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/netflix-furious-growth-keeps-q3-entertainment-spending-tanking-212045500.html

November 05 2013


Ray J Weighs In On Kim Kardashian Kanye West Engagement?i Hit It First, He Hit It Last

Whitney Houston's Sudden, Accidental Death Came As A Shock To Many. Houston, who was 48 when she died, was found in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room suite. An investigation concluded that the singer's death was an accidental drowning as a result of heart disease and cocaine abuse. As police officials and paramedics rushed into the hotel to examine the scene, Ray J waited outside the room. From his spot outside the suite, Ray J reportedly heard a "disrespectful comment" made followed by raucous laughter, according to TMZ.
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/article/ray-j-inappropriate-police-comment-whitney-houston-death_3874543

Cocktail warns Mz Berry that Ray J is a liar, and he has seen her and several other eliminated girls from season two since the show ended. She basically called Ray J out right there on stage and it wasn't pretty. Cocktail even told Mz Berry that after she won in season one, Ray J flew her out to see him several times -- rubbing even more salt in poor Mz Berry's wound. Then Ray J came out on stage, furious at Cocktail for showing up and putting his business out there. The R&B star called Cocktail the b-word more than once, losing his composure more and more as the minutes (which seemed like hours) dragged on. The show ended without an update on Ray and Mz Berry, even though we can guess that it was the end of a relationship that never really began.
Source: http://realitytv.about.com/b/2010/02/08/ray-j-and-cocktail-face-off-during-reunion-show.htm

Kim Kardashians current lover Kanye West may come face-to-face with her former lover Ray J at The BET Awards on June 30. Ray J is set to host The BET AwardsNomination SpecialThe Chosen on June 19, so theres a good chance hell appear at the awards show as well.And Kanye is nominated for four awards, so an awkward run-in at either of the events is likely to happen. Ray J & Kanye West At BET Awards Awkward Run-In Inevitable? After Ray J released I Hit It First , a song allegedly about how he had sex with Kim Kardashian first, a source close to Kanye told HollywoodLife.com exclusively that Kanye thinks Ray J is crazy . Kanye is very upset over I Hit It First, which contains lyrics like,Hit it from north/Brought (visit site) her head down south/Now that Im finished/Shes on to Mr. West.Hes infuriated that Ray J would trudge up his and Kims sex tape from 2007 just to get a little attention.
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/06/11/ray-j-kanye-west-bet-awards-nominations-special-the-chosen/

"Time does not heal all wounds. Thats a complete myth. When people say it, it makes the top of my head blow off. If [it did], there wouldnt be people who are still bitter about their divorce twenty years ago, or people who cant talk about somebody who died ten years ago. They didnt do their grief workyou obviously can see that." Clearly, Ray J's got some issues to work out. But, we asked Elliott, do these issues merit some kind of psychological diagnosis?
Source: http://www.complex.com/music/2013/04/for-the-love-of-ray-j-is-i-hit-it-first-a-cry-for-help

Ray J is set to release new single taking a jab at fellow singer Kanye West , who now dates his ex, Kim Kardashian . The R&B singer who infamously filmed a sex tape in 2007 with the now reality superstar Kardashian, announced Friday he is dropping a new track April 9 entitled "I Hit It First." Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the Givenchy Fall/Winter show in Paris on Wednesday. Ray J tweeted the new cover art to fans Friday first pointed out by Global Grind to be a blurred out bikini pic of Kardashian from 2008 and also possibly mimicking Kanye West's blurred artwork on "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." "Check out my new single cover "I Hit It first" available on ITUNES on 4/9 "I Put her On" #KOmusic," he wrote. John Shearer/WireImage Ray J and Kim Kardashian back in 2006, when they were still an item. According to lyrics obtained by TMZ, some of the choice words allude to the fact that he is singing about his former flame, who is now pregnant with West's baby and whose exes include NFL player Reggie Bush and soon-to-be ex-husband NBA star Kris Humphries.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/ray-taunts-kayne-new-single-hit-article-1.1309575

The curvy beauty has since said she was ashamed of the tape but rumours persist her mother Kris was behind the leaking of the tape to boost her fledgling career. Kim and her family have since shot to fame in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and have become ubiquitous fixtures on television. The Ray J video shows the Kim look-alike in http://hurstfdwi.blogs.experienceproject.com/2474730.html bed with the rapper with a video camera's record button showing. 'If you come back to me, we'll make another movie,' Ray J sang. Sex tape reference: Ray J made pretty blatant nods to that 2007 sex tape in his video Jetting around: Ray J and the Kim look-alike shared a plane ride in the video Holographic girlfriend: The Kim look-alike came in hologram form, Kim Kardashian gallery too Another segment pokes fun of her TV presence by showing the fake network logo F when the look-alike is on screen, a reference to Kim's E!
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2316656/Ray-J-releases-new-video-single-I-Hit-It-First-featuring-look-alike-sex-tape-partner-Kim-Kardashian.html

"Why is he hiding his face? He's always trying to show his face when he's with Whitney. Why now? Why you trying to hide, Ray J?" she asked. MORE: Ray J Shoots Down "Despicable" Whitney Houston Sex Tape Rumors Brown then accused Ray J, who was rumored to be casually dating Houston, of being a "runner boy" for the music legend because he "knows somebody that sells drugs" and bought and supplied them to her.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/303488/ray-j-slams-bobby-brown-s-sister-for-claiming-he-gave-whitney-houston-cocaine

Getty The reprehensible Richie wasted no time in his attempt to get the dirt from Ray J, bringing up the sex tape within view publisher site minutes of the interview startinggoading the 32-year-old into talking about the subject. Richie, who is not usually known for his strong sense of injustice, went in for the kill, telling Ray J it seems unfair Kardashian made five million dollars out the gate from the sex tape and you made nothing.and, to me that seems wrong. Brandon Davis Pulled A Ray J On Kim Kardashian Year Before Her Sex Tape Seems wrong because youre doing all the hard work Ray, Richie says. Man, I dont even discuss that cos theres so much happening with that and were so far past that where were both doing really well, were eating well, were living good and for me.. Ray J says, before Richie cuts in, You hit it first. Getty You know, we make money, we spend money, but to me its all about family, man, and I love my family, Ray J replies, diplomatically. I love my mom, my pops and my sisters, they all understand me and what I go through, so as long as you got that backbone and youre healthy and you got people around you to just keep you going, thats more important than anything in life.
Source: http://popdust.com/2013/10/24/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-engagement-ray-j-sex-tape/


Kim Kardashian Wears Stars On Her Face But Dresses Down As She Keeps A Low Profile At Kendall Jenner's 18th Party

Why Is Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Wearing White?!

Copyright [X17 But Kim Kardashian seemed to be keeping a low profile at sister Kendall Jenner's 18th birthday bash on Sunday, going completely casual. The KUWTK star shunned the limelight for once as she tried to stay under the radar, spotted zooming away in her car with husband-to-be Kanye West. [ Kourtney Kardashian goes make-up free after week of jet-setting ] And it seems that the couple didn't make much of an effort when it came to their outfits either - especially as Kendall had set a masquerade theme. Kim, who wore a leather jacket and grey T-shirt, jazzed up her look with glittery stars which she stuck on her forehead.
Read more: more info >http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/the-juice/kim-kardashian-star-face-dresses-down-keeps-low-profile-kendall-jenner-18th-party-191642300.html

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian suing YouTube co-founder over proposal video leak

Instagram "Happy 18th Birthday to the sweetest girl I know@kendalljennerI hope your adult years are filled with happiness & so much [love]," Kim wrote , inserting a heart emoji.Khloe Kardashian Odom tweeted a pic of Kendall with her birthday cake, the guest of honor herself writing, "it's so prettyyy! I don't even want to eat it." Instagram Last week was a busy one for Kim, her to-do list including her first interview onThe Tonight Show With Jay Leno since becoming a mom and getting engaged to Kanye West . Kim's fiancewas spotted earlier today shopping at Barney's New York in Beverly Hills. The rapper found himself with an unexpected surplus of free time following the postponement of his Yeezus Tour after the massive LED screen that's a focal point of the production was damaged while being transported from L.A. to Vancouver.
Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/477447/kim-kardashian-shows-off-work-day-cleavage-in-sexy-new-pic

"Everything," says Bolden. "Everyone can see the transition she's made since they got together until now what her style evolution has been. She's definitely more designer driven. More that that, she's created a point a view a high fashion point of view.
Read more: http://ca.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/the-juice-celeb-news/why-kim-kardashian-obsessed-wearing-white-133556650.html

The pre-baby body is BACK! Kim Kardashian looks sexier than ever in a revealing black dress for stunning family shoot

Sexier than ever: Kim Kardashian looked stunning and sultry as she posed for a family photoshoot in Malibu on Monday Read on for all of todays style and design headlines. Not only is Jay-Z going ahead with his Barneys New York holiday collaboration, his first fragrance will hit stores on Black Friday. [ HuffPo ] Speaking of celebrity perfume, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens duo of scents will land at Sephora in January 2014. [ The Cut ] Kim Kardashian is planning to launch her own line of designer baby clothing. [ InStyle UK ] See http://investor.asiabulletin.com/bnn.asiabulletin/news/read/25309778 the 10 things you didnt know about M.I.A.s work as a visual artist.
Read more: http://popstyle.ew.com/2013/11/04/jay-z-strikes-gold-kim-kardashian-has-designs-on-a-line-of-baby-clothing-and-more/

Kendall Jenner turns 18, is offered millions for sex tape

The pretty star finished off her look with sultry make-up, leaving her blonde hair loose and tousled for the occasion. Sitting on a chair on the beach, Kim stuck to her favourite pose and pouted her way through the shoot, as her sisters Khloe and Kendall Jenner posed view website behind her. Joint effort: Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were seen posing in the background of one shot Family affair: The group matriarch Kris Jenner and youngest daughter Kylie were also there, while Kourtney was absent But even off camera, Kim seemed to be caught in her pout, and failed to raise a smile throughout the shoot. Despite her somewhat sullen mood, Kim still contributed to what look sure to be a selection of stunning shots of the family.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2487577/Kim-Kardashian-sexier-revealing-black-dress-stunning-family-photoshoot.html

Kim Kardashian Shows Off "Work Day" Cleavage in Sexy New Pic

Kendall Jenner, Instagram network. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are entertainers. Entertainers get paid for their work, the suit continues. The value of Kardashians and Wests rights of publicity in the future has been diminished because defendants, through their conduct, have cast a cloud on the exclusivity of any such future rights.
Read more: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/11/04/Kanye-West-Kim-Kardashian-suing-YouTube-co-founder-over-proposal-video-leak/1711383611392/

Jay-Z strikes Gold, Kim Kardashian has designs on a line of baby clothing, and more

Jay-Z.jpg Shouldn't Kendall enjoy being legal for a while until she's bombarded with all these sexed-up offers? But... we're not exactly surprised there's so much interest in her already. Jenner is beautiful.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/11/04/kendall-jenner-turns-18-is-offered-millions-for-sex-tape/

November 02 2013


Celebrities Stuck At Lax During & After Shooting! Find Out Who Was Stranded Here!

Given the massive conglomeration of stars who live, work, and http://aronoesx.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/khloe-kardashian-shares-cryptic-instagram-post-amid-marriage-woes/ preen in the City of Angels, it is only surprising that not more celebrities were caught up in the horrors of todays happenings. As TSA workers now come to terms with the terribly sad loss of one of their own, and nationwide hopes go out for the recovery of the wounded numbers of which are yet to be verified all travelers, seasoned and frequent, or irregular and infrequent; from Club Class to Coach, give thanks for the brave and brilliant responses of the law enforcement and emergency personnel who responded so quickly and so decisively to limit the destruction of this incident. Thousands of flights may now be delayed but in these circumstances, everyone, whoever they are, is just grateful that a violent gunman was caught and detained as quickly as possible. It doesnt really matter if you happen to be in the class of celebrities or civilians. At the end of the day we are all fellow human beings and subject to the same threats and terrors.
Source: http://guardianlv.com/2013/11/celebrities-scared-too-fame-cannot-protect-from-fear-at-lax/

From the teddy-bear bodysuit to the infamous foam finger, check out all the celebrities who are having a Miley Cyrus Halloween! Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy dressed up for The View, and she literally went as Miley's tongue. She even tweeted, "I craved sledgehammers all day." Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan dressed up as the infamous duo for the LIVE With Kelly and Michael's Best Halloween Show Ever. Lara Spencer On Good Morning America, anchor Lara Spencer literally came in like a wrecking ball. You can't really top that. Paris Hilton Paris Hilton dressed up as VMAs Miley (before the latex bikini reveal) for the Halloween party at the Playboy http://darbytuxhv.skyrock.com/3189594921-Kourtney-Kardashian-Accuses-Kim-Of-Not-Acting-Like-Mom-Claims-Life-&.html Mansion. See more of the celebrity costumes when you keep reading.
Source: http://www.popsugar.com/Celebrities-Dressed-Up-Miley-Cyrus-32287071

Celebrities react to LAX shooting

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison supplied us with play-by-play as he was stuck: Somethin crazy goin on at LAX right now. Terminals shut down & cops w guns drawn! Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison) November 1, 2013 TSA just shut the doors in lockdown. Shooting over at Terminal 3 Chris Harrison (@chrisbharrison) November 1, 2013 And Natalia Kills mentioned she was joined by star power: Just landed in LA! Stuck for a while because of a Shooting. Just asked a stranger what was going on, & of course it's Jon Hamm #Hollywood NATALIA KILLS (@NataliaKills) November 1, 2013 While Cody Simpson took a more somber approach to news breaking: stuck in the airport terminal because of the shootings. praying for the victims Cody Simpson (@CodySimpson) November 1, 2013 But then, both music stars revealed they were still http://yeetremle.fotopages.com/?entry=9372926 stuck, over 6 hours after the shooting began: I'm still stuck at the airport NATALIA KILLS (@NataliaKills) November 1, 2013 still stuck in this thing.
Source: http://perezhilton.com/2013-11-01-celebrities-stuck-lax-during-shooting-find-out-who-stranded-here

And the result -- posted online Wednesday -- is a hauntingly gothic tale just in time for Halloween. Taylor Hill/Getty Images Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell In an industry famous for lavish weddings, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's recent modest nuptials stand out. Joking that he had the "world's worst wedding, Shepard told Jimmy Kimmel , "We went to the Beverly Hills courthouse, and all in, with fuel Kim Kardashian to get there, $142 out the door. I don't yet have a ring. I am going to follow your course, because you got your ring at Costco." Friends of the "When in Rome" co-stars took pity on them and bought them a cake afterward. Angela Weiss/Getty Images Teri Hatcher Former "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher still remembers the days before she made it big. She once told People magazine, "I drive my cars for 10 years until they have 100,000 miles on them." Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Vera Farmiga "Up in the Air" star Vera Farmiga and her musician-turned-carpenter husband Renn Hawkey live on a farm in upstate New York with their two children, four goats and no nanny.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/david-bowie-leads-list-low-key-celebrities/story?id=20744228

Celebrities share stories of being stuck at LAX

Flights were grounded and passengers were evacuated to safe areas. The incident delayed dozens of flights and left countless travelers stuck in the terminal or on grounded planes. Being that it's Los Angeles, it's no surprise that celebrities were among those affect. It seems crime scene tape isn't as easy to get by as velvet rope, so the entertainers remained ... Is your comment not appearing on the article? Read this .
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/watercooler/ci_24436009/celebrities-share-stories-being-stuck-at-lax

Kyle Richards :So sad about the shooting at LAX. So many shootings these days. Makes me so sad for our children to grow up like this Shannen Doherty :Just heard about LAX shooting. What is wrong with people now a days???!!!! Thoughts and prayers go out to wounded and the families Sara Bareilles :Im horrified by the shooting at LAX. I feel so saddened by why so many people turn to violence.
Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/sns-hollywood-reacts-to-lax-shooting-20131101,0,5144047.story

October 31 2013


Ray J Taunts Kanye West In New Single, 'i Hit It First'

By Rob Markman (@RobMarkman) If Ray J 's "I Hit It First" isn't about Kim Kardashian, then it must be about her doppleganger who also made a sex tape and went on then became one of the world's most recognizable reality stars. At least that's what we're led to believe in Ray's brand-new video, which dropped on Monday morning (April 29). Yes, the song may be catchy and sonically perfect for the upcoming summer season, but when it all goes down in the record books, "I Hit It First" will be remembered for its sheer gall, in song and video (which premiered on TMZ ). Here are a few of the key moments from the brave new video. The Kim K.
Read more http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1706479/ray-j-i-hit-it-first-video-kim-kardashian.jhtml

"I said, Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off," Bad Azz said, referring to last night, where his entourage included a lady friend and his uncle. "So as soon as he walked by, I bing-bing-bing-bing a couple to the head. I respect him just a bit 'cause he tried to fight back a little bit." 5 reasons why Drake should date Amanda Bynes "But it wasn't nothing," he continued. "His homies helped him.
Read more http://www.eonline.com/news/400613/ray-j-in-backstage-brawl-rapper-got-sucker-punched-by-bad-azz-manager-says

Getty The reprehensible Richie wasted no time in his attempt to get the dirt from Ray J, bringing up the sex tape within minutes of the interview startinggoading the 32-year-old into talking about the subject. Richie, who is not usually known for his strong sense of injustice, went in for the kill, telling Ray J it seems unfair Kardashian made five million dollars out the gate from the sex tape and you made nothing.and, to me that seems wrong. Brandon Davis Pulled A Ray J On Kim Kardashian Year Before Her Sex Tape Seems wrong because youre doing all the hard work Ray, Richie says. Man, I dont even discuss that cos theres so much happening with http://issuu.com/kimkardashiansextape/docs/kim-kardashian-sex-tape that and were so far past that where were both doing really well, were eating well, were living good and for me.. Ray J says, before Richie cuts in, You hit it first. Getty You know, we make money, we spend money, but to me its all about family, man, and I love my family, Ray J replies, diplomatically. I love my mom, my pops and my sisters, they all understand me and what I go through, so as long as you got that backbone and youre healthy and you got people around you to just keep you going, thats more important than anything in life.
Read more http://popdust.com/2013/10/24/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-engagement-ray-j-sex-tape/

Floyd Mayweather side girlfriend Queen Princess Love also hooking up with Ray J?

'She might move on to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first,' Ray J crooned. He later added: 'Wherever she goes, she knows she belongs in my bed.' Who's that girl: The Kim look-alike was shown with the record signal on The two dated for five years before breaking up in 2007. The sex tape with Ray J nine years ago helped launched Kardashian's career. The curvy beauty has since said she was ashamed of the tape but rumours persist her mother Kris was behind the leaking of the tape to boost her fledgling career. Kim and her family have since shot to fame in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and have become ubiquitous fixtures on television.
Read more http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2318072/Ray-J-refuses-deny-new-single-I-Hit-It-First-Kim-Kardashian.html

Ray J in Backstage Brawl: Rapper Got "Sucker-Punched by Bad Azz," Manager Says

By Rachel Maresca / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, April 6, 2013, 2:28 PM Comment rayj via Instagram; infphoto.com Left, the just-released album cover for Ray Js 'I Hit It First.' At right, the original photo of Kim Kardashian at the beach in Miami, Florida, on November 16, 2008. Ray J is set to release new single taking a jab at fellow singer Kanye West , who now dates his ex, Kim Kardashian . The R&B singer who infamously filmed a sex tape in 2007 with the now reality superstar Kardashian, announced Friday he is dropping a new track April 9 entitled "I Hit It First." Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the Givenchy Fall/Winter show in Paris on Wednesday. Ray J tweeted the new cover art to fans Friday first pointed out by Global Grind to be a blurred out bikini pic of Kardashian from 2008 and also possibly mimicking Kanye West's blurred artwork on "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." "Check out my new single cover "I Hit It first" available on ITUNES on 4/9 "I Put her On" #KOmusic," he wrote.
Read more http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/ray-taunts-kayne-new-single-hit-article-1.1309575

The champion boxer went on Twitter to vent about his rough childhood and dished about losing the gold medal in the 1996 Olympic Games. "Life is a roller coaster... My father got shot in the leg while holding me in his arms. I've seen my father sell my mother crack.
Read more http://www.mstarz.com/articles/20951/20131030/floyd-mayweather-ray-j-beef-rants-on-instagram-about-father-selling-mother-crack-and-1996-olympics-loss-after-princess-love-drama.htm

October 4, 2013 By Larry Brown 1 Comment Mayweather didnt like what he was seeing about Princess and Ray J hooking up, so he seemed to respond by posting this note on Instagram. In the note, he talks about taking a broke person out of the slums and how you should leave trash in the garbage for the bums. The whole thing seemed to be directed at Queen Princess Love, who Floyd took out of the strip club and lavished with gifts. Sure enough, two days after Mayweather responded to 50 exposing the Ray J-Princess love affair, gossip site Media Take Out blew the doors off the relationship with some photographic evidence. Told you dont ever call me know lie 50 wrote on Instagram , boasting that he was telling the truth about the relationship.
Read more http://larrybrownsports.com/gossip/floyd-mayweather-girlfriend-queen-princess-love-ray-j/206170/2

October 30 2013


Holy Exit, Batman! Dc Entertainment's Publishing Arm To Move From New York City To California

Headquartered inSanta Monica, California,Activision Publishing, Inc.is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products. Activisionmaintains operations in the U.S.,Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, China and the region of Taiwan. More information aboutActivisionand its products can be found on the company's website, www.activision.com . Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-looking Statements: Information in this press release that involves Activision Publishing's expectations, plans, intentions or strategies regarding the future, including statements about the expected release date are forward-looking statements that are not facts and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause Activision Publishing's actual future results to differ original site materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements set forth in this release include unanticipated product delays and other factors identified in the risk factors sections of Activision Blizzard's most recent annual report on Form 10-K and any subsequent quarterly reports on Form 10-Q. The forward-looking statements in this release are based upon information available to Activision Publishing and Activision Blizzard as of the date of this release, and neither Activision Publishing nor Activision Blizzard assumes any obligation to update any such forward-looking statements.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rovio-entertainment-activision-publishing-inc-130000821.html

To celebrateReal Housewives of Atlantas season 6 premiere, stars Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss are stopping by EWfor a Google+ hangout this Friday, Nov. 1, at 4:30 p.m. ET. Kandi and Kenya will look ahead to Sunday nights premiere and tease whats to come for the rest of the season and it promises to http://merlehtkn.wallinside.com be a doozy , including cheating rumors, divorce drama, and what looks like a slumber party where the weapon of choice isnt a pillow. Well also give RHOAsuperfans that means YOU! a chance to ask the burning questions. Submit your questions in the comments below, on the Google+ event page , or tweet us @ew ! Use #EWtalksTV to be part of the conversation.
Source: http://popwatch.ew.com/?_=1310010519069

October 30, 2013 | Comments (0) Film studios, like other entertainment businesses, are having trouble adapting to new trends and consumer preferences. The theaters, on the other hand, seem to be doing better. Despite rising content costs and video-on-demand competition, theaters have been able to grow revenues steadily(if http://rodrigodivu.webs.com slowly) over http://berryhatz.skyrock.com the http://alfredczku.busythumbs.com long term and to create more profitable revenue streams via premium experiences and expanded, higher-margin concessions. The country's largest theater chain, Regal Entertainment (NYSE: RGC ) , is profiting from these elements and more. The company and its investors are set to benefit over the long term from the studios' reliance on megabudget tentpole films, along with improving company-specific operations. Here's why you should take a look at Regal. Earnings recap Fiscal third-quarter revenues grew substantially over the prior year for Regal Entertainment with top-line sales of $813.1 million versus $692.9 million the year before.
Source: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2013/10/30/is-regal-entertainment-offering-growth-on-the-chea.aspx

Eric Hession Yes. The cash comes into the subsidiaries of CEOC where it -- where the assets were held, so it would be the Planet Hollywood unrestricted subsidiary and Baltimore. We haven't determined the use of those particular proceeds yet. Shaun C. Kelley - BofA Merrill Lynch, Research Division Great. And last one would just be, and I don't know if it's possible to give, but just a general sense on a pro forma cash interest expense number after the -- all the transactions that take place on a kind of a quarterly or an annual run-rate basis, after -- particularly after the CMBS refi would be helpful. Eric Hession Yes.
Source: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1785502-caesars-entertainment-management-discusses-q3-2013-results-earnings-call-transcript

Though the company has been based in New York since Major Malcolm Wheeler -Nicholson founded it as National Allied Publications in 1935, the balance of power in the industry has shifted from Metropolis to Hollywood in recent years. AP Aside from being the original home of Batmans publisher, New York City provided the inspiration for the fictional Gotham City. The bulk of DC Entertainment moved out to Burbank in 2010 to be closer to parent company Warner Bros, and rival Marvel has a studio out on the West Coast, too. Included in this final move are DC's comics division, the company's Vertigo imprint and MAD magazine. We all smelled it in the air a long time ago, theres such a focus on film and television nowadays, why wouldnt they want the people making the decisions [on the characters] out on the West Coast, says legendary Batman artist Neal Adams. The actual comics are becoming a smaller and smaller part of the business.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-arts/dc-entertainment-comics-arm-leave-gotham-article-1.1500668


Celebrities Who Promoted Obamacare Now Quiet In Wake Of Website Debacle

Sen. Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Danny DeVito and kim kardashian shoes line Barbra Streisand were kim kardashian shoes among a long list of celebrities in Grimes first fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission. Grimes received $2.5 million in contributions from July through September and still had $2 million cash on hand. McConnell raised $2.3 million over the same period, bringing his overall total to $17.7 million. He reported $10 million cash on hand. Both have been working hard to raise money from inside and outside Kentucky. Grimes tapped into her celebrity windfall with help from Jeffrey Katzenberg, the chief executive officer of DreamWorks Animation, who hosted a Los Angeles fundraiser for her last month.
Source: http://www.state-journal.com/local%20news/2013/10/30/celebrities-lend-a-hand-to-ky-s-alison-lundergan-grimes

Wed practiced all that with the bomb. And then I http://almeidaezaza.edublogs.org/2013/10/09/kanye-west-fires-back-at-ray-j-over-i-hit-it-first-during-performance-on-jimmy-fallon-video/ remember going to my friends housethey were the only people who had a color TVand we watched the funeral. Lauren Bacall, actress, 38 I dont remember where I was. I just remember that it wasit still isI mean, it will never go away. You never can forget it.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/29/jfk-book_n_4170178.html

To not be like, 'Wake the f**k up, look at what you have, this is what you wanted.'" Michael Jackson impersonator:"I'm just a copy cat, man. I'm just a nothin'. It kills me." Ashley http://hansencxwb.bravesites.com/entries/general/hollywood-walk-of-fame-to-kim-kardashian-we-don-t-have-a-star-for-you Olsen:"Fame is an illusion ... Things can be given to you quite easily, but they get ripped away so quickly as well." Olivia Wilde:"I thought it was the most magical place I'd ever been ... L.A. gave me a place to experiment and grow and mess up and redeem myself." James Franco: "Dreams and expectations also have the very dark, flip side of disappointment and broken dreams." Jared Leto:"I wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for this city.
Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/celebrities-explain-relationships-with-la-in-30-seconds-to-mars-music-video-2013-10

28 in Los Angeles, Calif. Celebrity Photos: October http://admin.blog.fc2.com/admin/js/fckeditor2.6.5/editor/fckeditor.html?InstanceName=extendFck&20131004&Toolbar=Default 2013 Melissa Joan Hart was seen out and about in New York City on Oct. 29. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long joined forces at the Patron-sponsored LAByrinth Theater Company Celebrity Charades Benefit on Oct. 28 in NYC.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/30/celebrities-swap-bodies_n_4175195.html

Since then, technical glitches and website snafus have so marred the ObamaCare website that the team who built it has been called to testify before Congress on Thursday. But there will be no celebrities flanking them on Capitol Hill, as the stars that helped launch the initiative are now being advised to walk away. One well-placed Hollywood agent told FOX411 that while Obama and ObamaCare are separate issues, and that you can support one without the other, public relations teams across the industry are cautioning their clients to now lay off the latter. Even Oprah Winfrey, one of the Presidents most influential mouthpieces during his first election, reportedly refused to get on-board and lend a hand. Hollywood has gone from pushing #getcovered to heading for cover, Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center told FOX411. Stars like Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman pushed their ObamaCare propaganda to more than 67 million fans on social media.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/10/24/celebrities-who-promoted-obamacare-now-quiet-in-wake-website-debacle/

October 22 2013


One Direction, Daniel Radcliffe Top List Of Richest British Celebrities Under 30

The... By CHARLIE SPIERING | 10/18/13 09:42 AM Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., dropped any sign of Senate decorum or collegial courtesy in his latest rant against Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Throughout the government shutdown battle, Reid repeatedly raged... By MARK TAPSCOTT | 10/18/13 09:00 AM Former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie has issued a stunning verdict on President Obama's record in delivering "the most transparent administration in history." By ASHE SCHOW | 10/17/13 04:59 PM Democrats should no longer make higher taxes on the American people their top priority, according to the Washington Post's Ezra Klein.
Source: http://washingtonexaminer.com/26-celebrities-still-trying-to-access-healthcare.gov/article/2537477

Celebrities facing gym challenge

The campaign will run for three years and includes ads filled with celebrities. Celebrities involved in the project include Ice-T, Amy Poehler, Megan Hilty and Courteney Cox. The ads are powerful, calling those who witness domestic violence to help victims. Slogans include celebrities calling bystanders to avoid using excuses for inaction. Some examples include: - No more "He comes from a good family." - No more "It's none of my business." - No more "It's just a [read] misunderstanding." According to a report released by the organization, 60 percent of Americans know a victim of domestic abuse.
Source: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/celebrities-raise-awareness-for-domestic-violence-victims-365826.php

He noted he did a fundraiser for one of Clintons Senate campaigns, but that hes keeping out of the 2016 race for now. I still think its a little early to start stumping for somebody, he said. But surely, he has an opinion. Should she run for president?"Im not going to answer that, Joel said. Im a piano player. Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, was more blunt.Id love her to run for president, Presley said. Why?
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/10/16/celebrities-dish-on-hillary-clinton-for-president-in-2016/

our editor recommends PHOTOS: The New A-List: 23 Salaries From Angelina Jolie to Robert Downey Jr. Revealed One Direction are Harry Styles, 19, Niall Horan, 19, Zayn Malik, 20, Liam Payne, 20 and Louis Tomlinson, 21. Rounding out the top five on the rich list are Robert Pattinson ($71.23 million, 44.16 million), Keira Knightley ($60.13 million, 37.28 million) and Emma Watson ($45.05 million, 27.93 million). The top new entrant on the young British celebrity rich list is DJ Calvin Harris with estimated earnings of $35.80 million (22.20 million). Other new additions include singer Jessie J ($9.16 million, 5.68 million), model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ($9.08 million, 5.63 million), The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield ($8.06 million, 5 million) and boyband JLS ($7.85 million, 4.87 million).
Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/one-direction-daniel-radcliffe-top-649987

Celebrities Over 40 Still Hot and Faboulous. What?s Their Secret?

The live show, Get Ready To Tumble, will see stars hanging around bars as professional trainers try to teach the novices how to perform flips vaults and somersaults. The BBC One show is expected to include g ymnasts of the calibre of Olympic medal-winning stars such as Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle when it airs next year. The programme has been backed by British Gymnastics which helped lift UK competitors to glory at London 2012. Although BBC bosses have not yet signed up star names to work on the show, Louis has already become a peaktime hit, winning last year's Strictly Come Dancing in the months following his Silver medal performance on the pommel horse at the Olympics. reggie bush kim kardashian And bronze medallist Beth, visit website who announced retirement from her sport in the summer, found glory on ITV's Dancing On Ice. Katie Taylor, the BBC's controller for entertainment and events said: "One thing's for certain, you can expect the celebs to be pushed out of their comfort zone in what is probably the most physically demanding show of its kind anywhere in the world." related stories on msn
Source: http://tv.uk.msn.com/news/celebrities-facing-gym-challenge

Youre supposed to do it for http://warnergyza.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/kris-jenner-defends-kanye-west-calls-him-a-great-dad/ 21 days. Seems hard? Maybe.But it sure does work on Demi. Check her out as she recently visited Malibu last May with some friends. The 50 year old actress seemed happy and very much Kim Kardashian healthy as she displays her well defined figure in a skimpy bikini.
Source: http://www.thebitbag.com/2013/10/21/celebities-40-hot-faboulous-secret/

October 18 2013


Harrington: Kanye West Brings 'yeezus' To Bay Area

According to RadarOnline.com , Kanye is completely against the idea of marrying his baby mama. Kanye is telling friends that hell never marry Kim, a source close to the Yeezus rapper told the site. He has no need or desire to make their relationship official in the eyes of the law. But while wedding bells are in the distant future or not in the future at all he does consider Kim someone he wants in his life. Kanye prefers the idea of them as partners, the source continued.
Visit: http://www.wetpaint.com/kim-kardashian/articles/2013-10-17-kanye-west-wont-marry-partners

The Kanye God complex

Kanye West quotes are in perfect in every way, because typically they are completely nonsensical yet somehow hilarious and memorable. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the best and most hilarious Kanye West quotes of all time. Popular quotes can serve both as a reminder of humility, a source of humor and a catalyst of inspiration. So if popular quotes is what you fancy then be sure to check out past editions of this post here. Wikimedia
Visit: http://guyism.com/humor/kanye-west-quotes.html?single=true

Kanye West taught Kim Kardashian a lot about privacy - apparently! Kardashian posted a raunchy swimwear photograph on her Instagram on Thursday (17th October), showing off her toned up post-baby body. She's left little to the imagination and displays, in the high cut white swim cut, her rather round backside. The 32-year-old posted the Instagram picture of Twitter much to the delight of her boyfriend West.
Visit: http://www.contactmusic.com/article/kim-kardashian-privacy-twitter-sex-kanye-west_3910892

Kim Kardashian tweeted an Instagram photo of herself in a revealing white bathing suit overnighton Wednesday, causing many social media users to snap to attention including her boyfriend/baby daddy Kanye West . Photos: See Kim Kardashian's most risque nude photo shoots West retweeted the picture about an hour later with the not-so-subtle addendum, "HEADING HOME NOW." Guess parenthood hasn't slowed down their bedroom activities. Or who knows maybe Kanye was rushing home to change North's diaper. Arts & Entertainment Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard finally got married in a "no frills" ceremony at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's Office Oct.
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Win 2 tickets to a Kanye West concert! Enter the HitFix giveaway contest

It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right, and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now." Lennon apologized for his statements after extreme backlash. Pop diva Madonna's name means "Virgin Mary," the woman historically known as the mother of Jesus Christ. Although she was born with the name, religion has played a large part in some of the songstress' tunes, such as "Like a Virgin" and "Like a Prayer." Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman often offers his bizarre views on faith and also refers to himself as God, telling interviewers that he is God because "God's created in other my image." Morgan has even portrayed God on the big screen in "Bruce Almighty." "Steel Magnolias" star Shirley MacLaine and West both evidently believe they are the Most High.
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Too bad I can't be in two places at once, because the thought of skipping Wilson -- one of my all-time favorites -- is kind of killing me. And it's been way too long since I've seen Beck tear up the frets. Yet there's no way that I'd pass up the chance to write about the http://investor.sanjosenews.net/newsnet.sanjosenews/news/read/25371299 always-fascinating West. url Of course, some have pointed out that West is doing two Bay Area dates.
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Travel and accommodation are not included for the winning ticket. Any venue age restrictions apply. Entrants must live in the U.S., and their Twitter accounts cannot be set on private (otherwise, we can't tell what and if you Tweet). Contest ends Oct.
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October 17 2013


Should Movie Theaters Allow Texting?

UK audiences will be familiar with the story. Potts became an instant singing phenomenon after appearing on Simon Cowell's ITV show Britain's Got Talent. Potts defeated the bookies co-favorite Conie Talbot to win the 100,000 prize and performed at the Royal Variety Performance on December 3, 2007 in front of Queen Elizabeth II. His version of Nessun Dorma from the show has over 111 million views on YouTube. His debut album One Chance was certified gold on its first week of sales and has since sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. The new movie, which also stars Julie Walters and MacKenzie Crook, has received solid reviews ahead of its release. "A lot of the film, especially the courtship of Potts and his Julz, is touching and funny. It works," said David Sexton of This Is London. "An utterly formulaic but sweet movie that does what a crowd-pleaser is meant to do," wrote David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter.
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/article/one-chance-paul-potts-movie_3910345

Holiday tie-in or not, there was no way the studio wanted to see its box-office results associated with the film's original title, "Turkeys." Film titles often evolve, and studios frequently register two or three titles for the same movie with the Motion Picture Assn. of America's Title Registration Bureau early in the process. "Escape Plan," opening Friday, was called "The Tomb" and "Exit Plan" during its development. Marketing concerns are almost always behind the changes. When Universal recently dated its Seth Rogen-Zac Efron comedy for March of 2014, it changed the name from "Townies" to "Neighbors." The studio didn't provide its rationale, but the original title was provincial and East Coast-centric, which would have made it a tougher sell nationally. Also read: A Woody Allen Reveals New Colin Firth-Emma Stone Movie Title, First Images Short, sticky, informative and intriguing are all qualities that a good movie title has, according to the experts, but even that varies from film to film and genre to genre. Family movie titles don't have to be intriguing or even informative. But if a title is simple and memorable - think "Turbo," "Planes" and "Cars" - kids will bug their parents to take them to the movie.
Source: http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx?news=834531

"We spent a lot of time with them, and they were very observant when http://www.iamsport.org/pg/blog/corneliusskro/read/18943121/searching-for-weho-jesus-an-attempt-to-find-meaning-on-the-streets-of-hollywood it came to looking at how Tionne and I interact with each other, the chemistry that we naturally have." "We spent more time with Lil' Mama, since Lisa was not here," Chilli said. "So we really had to spend more time with her. She looked at a lot of video footage. She did a lot of research." The film includes sequences with Lil' Mama that closely echo the VH-1 documentary "Last Days of Left Eye." "We're really proud with how she portrayed Lisa, and I know Lisa would be very happy Kim Kardashian thong and I know her family would be very happy as well," Chilli said. Lil' Mama may join TLC Lil' Mama may be on stage singing Left Eye's parts when TLC tours to promote a new album set for release next year, they said. "For sure, we're talking and thinking about it when we go on tour," Chilli said. She performed with Chilli and T-Boz this summer several times, including at more? info? Drake's OVO Festival in Toronto.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/14/showbiz/tlc-movie-new-music/index.html

TLC returns with 'CrazySexyCool' movie and music

Alamo CEO Tim League told the panelists, "Over my dead body will I introduce texting into the movie theater." Calling such behavior "the scourge of our industry," he said, "it's our job to understand that this is a sacred space and we have to teach manners." League said the movie theater experience should be "magical," but Regal's Miles replied that "one person's opinion of magical isn't the other's." Can You Names the 10 Best Stoner Movies? Indeed, the second-screen experience is becoming increasingly common for TV viewers. Ratings agency Nielsen released a study in June that found that nearly half of original site smartphone and tablet owners use their devices every day while they watch TV . Some are using their mobile devices for general web-surfing, but many are using them for activities releated to the program they're watching. Like Walk in the theater, they're looking up cast information, live-commenting to social networks on what they're seeing, or buying products (or downloading coupons) from products advertised during the show. Plenty of shows nowadays encourage second-screen usage, drawing visitors to their own channel's websites during a show as a way of keeping them engaged not just with a show, but with its whole network slate. And an August study by Nielsen shows a symbiotic relationship between program viewership and tweets about the show; Twitter use drives up viewership, and vice versa .
Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/should-movie-theaters-allow-texting-20131015

Movie Review: 'Escape Plan' a treat for fans of Stallone and Schwarzenegger

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both action heroes have intense harmony on screen. They complement each other with their histrionics and banter. While Schwarzenegger is charismatic and chirpy, Stallone broods with his constantly grumpy mannerisms. What's more? The exposition of Breslin's motive is lost in Stallone's drawl, thereby killing the entire emotional spirit of the tale.
Source: http://www.apunkachoice.com/content/article/sid100016888-movie_review_escape_plan_a_treat_for_fans_of_stallone_and_schwarzenegger/

October 16 2013


How Hollywood Celebrities Stay In Shape

He told detectives he was driving west on Hollywood Boulevard between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Oct. 6 when he spotted the nude man. He passed by him, then turned around and went back, he told police. Police http://www.nexopia.com/users/kristoferxwej/blog/26-ray-j-taunts-kanye-west-in-new-single-i-hit-it-first have provided no details of what Laguerre told them of his encounter with Cherry.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/topic/fl-naked-man-shot-hollywood-20131014,0,7879365.story

Last months benefit concert conducted by Academy Award winner John Williams , which also featured an appearance by award-winning director Steven Spielberg , brought in a record amount for a benefit show. The Sept. 28 one-night-only performance was a fundraiser that combined two Hollywood titans, iconic music scores and a selection of film clips spanning the duos collaborative career to benefit the Phoenix Symphonys education and community engagement programs. More than 2,200 attendees heard selections from some of Williams most popular and iconic scores including Star Wars, Harry Potter , Jaws and Schindlers List. Read More at
Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/morning_call/2013/10/hollywood-titans-speilberg-williams.html

Hollywood Post Alliance Honors Avid With the Charles S. Swartz Award

But one workout does not fit all, he stresses. Celebs have their trouble zones, too, and must tailor their sweat sessions accordingly. For example, Drew Barrymore is apple-shaped, so if she gains weight, it's going to go to her midsection. Jennifer Lopez is a pear, which means her weight goes to her butt and thighs. Apple-shaped women, Kirsch notes, should stick to rowing machineswhich will engage the core from shoulder to bellyas well as boxing and planks.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/hollywood-celebrities-stay-shape/story?id=20533850

Avid continues to develop crucial new technologies, and is at the forefront of helping an industry in rapid change, continually move forward. In September, the company announced Avid Everywhere, its vision to connect creative professionals and media organizations with their audiences in a more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable way. In a major move to broaden collaboration across its community of customers and industry partners, the company also announced the creation of the Avid Customer Association, a comprehensive initiative designed to provide essential strategic leadership to the media industry, collaborate with key industry leaders and visionaries, and deepen relationships between the company and its customers. Hernandez said of the award, We are deeply honored to receive this award, and are especially proud to be recognized by the HPA, the voice of the post community. The post production industry has always been a source of innovation and inspiration. From the beginning, Avid kim kardashian sekstape free stream has had deep roots within this community, and we are dedicated to being your trusted partner long into the future. The award visit the site was named in honor Kim Kardashian of the late Charles S. Swartz, who led the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California from 2002 until 2006, helping to build it into the industrys premier http://hansmthn.jigsy.com/entries/general/kim-kardashian-shares-new-photo-of-her-little-angel-north-west-after-return-from-paris-trip test bed for new digital cinema technologies.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hollywood-post-alliance-honors-avid-130000669.html

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